PADI Tec 45

Course duration: 1 pool session (optional), 1 theory session, 3 practical applications and 4 (1 in confined or limited open water) dives over 2 days

Prerequisites: Tec 40 Diver or equivalent, PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent, minimum age 18, minimum of 50 logged dives of which at least 12 were made with enriched air nitrox over 18meters / 60 feet and at least 6 dives (with or without EANx) were deeper than 30 meters / 100 feet, physicians approval to dive.

Course cost: includes gas, use of stage cylinders if required and certification fee: £400 or £500 with equipment hire

Course description: This course builds on the theory, procedures and skills learnt in the Tec 40 course. The Tec 45 course qualifies divers to make single and repetitive dives to 45 meters using a single decompression gas up to 100% oxygen to accelerate or add conservation to the decompression.