Scuba Diving Club

At Purple Turtle Diving, we’re are all about diving (and a bit of snorkelling)!  As such, our club strives to be an active diving club with lots of opportunities to get in the water.

Club membership is £50 per year and members must annually complete an RSTC medical form, which can be downloaded here.  Club member benefits include:

  • 10% off all Purple Turtle Diving courses
  • 10% off all equipment purchases at Amphibian Sports
  • Club dives from a boat in Brighton (insurance required – approximately £20 from Divemaster for 1 year)
  • Club gas prices at Amphibian Sports
  • 20% off all pool entry fees
  • 10% off all equipment hire from Purple Turtle Diving
  • Free workshops at pool sessions.

In order to become a club member, please speak to us at one of our club nights or email us on or call us on 07792 723 938.