PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider

Course duration: 1 evening or half day (approximately 3 hours)

Prerequisites: None

Course cost: £99 including Emergency Oxygen Provider manual, EFR Pocket mask with O2 port and certification

Course description: This course trains participants about the proper use of emergency oxygen, which is the primary first aid treatment for recreational scuba divers suffering from near drowning or decompression illness. Providing emergency oxygen has become the standard of practice for treating injured scuba divers since it provides oxygen to starved tissues and aids in bubble reduction. Having emergency oxygen immediately available at dive locations is especially important to divers suffering from these maladies.

First aid with emergency oxygen is useful or necessary as a treatment for many injuries, diseases and intoxications that may intefere with oxygen reaching blood or tissues. Along with the availability of oxygen at dive sites, Emergency Oxygen Providers must know how to provide oxygen in an emergency.