Scuba Diving Courses

Whether you’re a first time scuba diver or an experienced diver, we offer a wide range of scuba diving courses and snorkelling experiences!  Whether you’re looking to plan a children’s pool party or wish to explore the hidden secrets of deep wrecks or venture into the dizzying heights of becoming a PADI Pro, we at Purple Turtle are here to help.


Range of courses
The full range of scuba and snorkelling courses we offer are:

  • Snorkelling experiences (page under construction) – these experiences are pool based and are perfect for individuals who wish to gain confidence in the water before heading off to go snorkelling at home or abroad
  • Kids Programmes – these range from a single session in the form of a PADI Bubblemaker or a Kids Party through to a more in depth course over 15 sessions for the PADI Master Seal Team
  • Entry level courses – these courses include the PADI Discover Scuba Diving session allowing you to try breathing underwater in the confines of a swimming pool and the PADI Open Water course, which is the most popular entry level scuba diving course worldwide, allowing you to dive independently with a buddy to limits defined within your training
  • Refresh and Review Courses – these sessions allow you to refresh your skills after a period of inactivity or if you just want to work through your skills with a PADI Professional
  • Continuing Education – whether you’re looking to take your diving to the next level following the PADI Open Water course or if you’d like to learn how to avoid incidents and respond if they do occur in the PADI Rescue Diver course, this is the section for you
  • Speciality Courses – these courses teach a variety of specialist diving and non-diving skills from digital underwater photography to deep diving to environmental awareness courses!  There’s something for every one!
  • Professional Courses – the PADI Pro courses are for people who have completed their Rescue Diver qualification and are looking to take the next step to where they can work with certified and student divers.

If you’re looking for information on Technical Diving (defined as diving beyond recreational limits in terms of equipment, depth, decompression and mixed gases), please visit our TecRec Courses page.

Fitness to dive
Please note that for all in water training, you will need to complete the PADI Medical Form. If you answer “Yes” to any question on page 1 of this form, you will need to obtain and bring a copy of a physician’s approval to dive, which is found on page 2 of the form. Further information for the physician is found from page 3 onwards.

If you have any questions contact your local dive centre or your General Practitioner, who should be able to provide some advice or guidance.  Should you wish to see a diving specialist doctor, your dive centre should be able to recommend one.  We recommend Mark Downs, whose details can be found at

Course costs
Unless otherwise stated on the course page, course costs include all materials required for the course, tank and weight hire, gas fills, pool entrance fees and certification fees.  Not included (where applicable) are any open water dive site entrance fees, overnight accommodation or boat fees.

Booking courses
Please note that these courses can all be organised to your requirements, or you can book on to scheduled courses, details of which are on our calendar page. Please email us at if you would like us to organise a course or if you require any further information.

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